Chemical Proteomics

Karolinska Institutet & SciLifeLab,
Biomedicum 9A, A0953 
171 65 Solna,

Diseases studied: Cancer, autophagy, infection, immune disease, neurological disorders, and any other disease.

Model systems used: Cell lines, primary cells, organoids, bacteria, cell and tissue extracts

Instruments of interest: Cell culture equipment, Liquid Chromatography and High Resolution Orbitrap Mass Spectrometers

Established techniques: Orthogonal approaches for target discovery and MoA (deep, high throughput, also for low sample amount): Proteome solubility/thermal stability profiling; Expression/degradation proteomics; Interactomic; RedOx proteomics. H/D exchange MS to map protein binding sites and conformational changes

Chemical Proteomics (SciLifeLab facility website)