Chemical Proteomics & Proteogenomics

Karolinska Institutet & SciLifeLab,
Tomtebodavägen 23A,
171 65 Solna,


Diseases studied: Cancer, disease models including the study of treatment compound(s)

Model systems used: Clinical samples, Cell Lines

Instruments of interest: Mass Spectrometry and proteomics

Established techniques: Proteome Integral Solubility Alteration (PISA) assay; Functional Identification of Target by Expression Proteomics (FITExP); Thermal Proteome Profiling (TPP); ProTargetMiner (proteome signature library of anticancer molecules); RedOx Proteomics; Identification of enzyme substrates by PISA; Hydrogen Deuterium Exchange Mass Spectrometry (HDX-MS) for binding site determination, epitope mapping and conformational changes

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