PhenoTarget research community program

PhenoTarget is an open and inclusive SciLifeLab-funded Research Community Program that brings together research groups, facilities and industrial partners interested in the drug discovery process, involving disease models, phenotypic and target-based screens, as well as target identification.

As a PhenoTarget participant you will be part of a network of more than 30 research groups and facilities, and you will benefit from networking, exchange of ideas, lab exchange programs, meetings, workshops that PhenoTarget organises.

The only requirement for joining PhenoTarget is to be actively involved in the activities that are organised to maintain an exciting and engaging environment.


Please send an e-mail to or fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


*Image credits: Upper  – Dimitris Kanellis (KI) / Lower – Niklas Schultz (KI)


Join us

Are you a Swedish research group interested in drug discovery, disease models, screening and/or target identification? Join our network and be part of this exciting community! 

How to be a part of the network