PhenoTarget research community program

The low success rate of drug approvals despite the ongoing enormous technological developments, calls for an urgent improvement of the drug discovery workflow. Disease-relevant models, phenotypic screening and target ID technologies, are three key aspects in this workflow. However, several challenges such as access to biological startingpoints, difficult assay development, or the high cost of target ID, often hamper the forward development of an efficient drug discovery workflow.

Therefore, to address these challenges, the Phenotypic Drug Discovery in Human Disease, a SciLifeLab funded research community program, in short PhenoTarget, engages expertise research groups and facilities in areas comprising (i) disease-relevant models, (ii) assay design and development of phenotypic screens, and (iii) chemical proteomics technologies and alternative target ID methods, to ultimately improve the state-of-the-art drug development workflow and increase the number of drugs successfully approved.


Through annual meetings, workshops and lab exchange programs, PhenoTarget is bringing together over 30 Swedish research groups, 9 SciLifeLab facilities, as well as Astra Zeneca as industry representative, to exchange experiences, engage in collaborations and accelerate discoveries.


*Image credits: Niklas Schultz (KI)

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